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Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount

For 3-Axis Camera Gimbals - DJI Ronin, Movi Etc.

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Original price
US $440.00
US $440.00 - US $440.00
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An Easy and Quick Solution for your Next Chase/Action Sequence

Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount

Compatible with all Major Gimbal Systems

The Gripmax comes equipped with a Quick Release for Ronin M/MX. However, it has all the necessary threading so you can adapt it to any major Gimbal System.

Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount

Travel in Style with Gripmax

The Proaim Gripmax comes snugly fit into a high strength Polycarbonate Case with custom cut foam so you can secure your equipment after use.

Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount

Power Up

The V-Mount Battery Plate has been incorporated into the design to provide power to your accessories and camera.

See how the Gripmax Works



  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  Still & Running: 5-15kg / 11-33lb

Maximum Speed

  200 km/h

Wire Cable Thickness

  5/32'' (4mm)

Rosette Extension Arm

  50 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

Product Weight (without packing)

  7.3kg / 16lb

Product Weight (with packing)

  16.6kg / 36.5lb

Safety Hints

  CAUTION: Recheck Pump every 90 minutes. If the red line   is visible, Re-pump the cup without losing the remaining       vacuum, till the Red Line disappears.

In the Box

  4 x Suction Cups
  4 x Dust Covers
  4 x Rosette Extension Arms
  Gimbal Vibration Isolator
  Ronin Mounting Plate
  V-mount Battery Plate
  2 x Safety Belts
  4 x Rubber Sleeves
  Hard Case

User Manual

The Most User-Friendly Car Rigging System

The Proaim Gripmax Car Mount is a Highly Adaptable rigging system that can be easily and quickly mounted onto any moving platform for a stable and secure base for your Gimbal and Camera Setups.

Features such as Extendable Arms, Arri Rosette Joints connecting the Arms to the base of the Wire Isolator and Ultra Smooth Articulating Joints within the arms provide for incredibly easy setup on any non-porous surface. All the joints and connections can be adjusted by unfastening a few knobs, and the entire setup is completely Tools Free.

Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount
Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount

Get the Smoothest Shots even at High Speeds

The Wire Isolator incorporated into the Proaim Gripmax absorbs the shocks, bumps and high-frequency vibrations while also damping low-frequency oscillations by utilizing strategically configured cables. You can be going as fast as 200km/h and the isolator in conjunction with the camera gimbal makes sure you get incredibly smooth shots even on rough terrains.

Protect your Gimbal

If you hard-mount a gimbal setup to a moving platform, any jerky movement creates an enormous amount of stress on the Motors and Bearings of the Gimbal as it tries to stabilize the camera.

High-Frequency Vibrations created by moving parts such as motors, rotor blades or propellers and Low Frequency vibrations such as sudden changes in direction are all absorbed by the Wired Isolator. This reduces the stress on your gimbal motors that now have to work only to stabilize a softened range of vibrations which in turn increases the life of your Gimbal.

Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount
Proaim Gripmax Vibration Isolator Suction Car Mount

Robust, Stable and Secure

We understand mounting equipment worth thousands of dollars on the front of a moving car going at 100mph can be nerve-wracking. That is why we have spent a countless number of hours to find and test the Perfect Type of Suction Cup that can handle all the stress placed on it and stay completely secure and stable at all kinds of high speeds. We use Industrial Grade 6" suction cups that have rated load capacities and are known to stay in place very securely.

We even went ahead and took care of the fact that we needed a type of suction cup that doesn't damage that glossy finish on your beloved car or any other surface it is mounted on. It comes complete with all kinds of safety and protection accessories you might need. Not Just the Suction Cups, each and every part of the Proaim Gripmax has been made by using the highest quality of Aluminum Alloys, Polymers and Stainless-Steel to ensure a rock-solid system that stands the test of time.


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