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Free Fast Shipping to USA (Except Pre-order Products)

Proaim Overhead 12ft Modular Studio Rig for Camera / Gimbal / Light Setups

Payload: up to 11kg / 24lb | For Photography, Videography

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Proaim Overhead 12ft Modular Studio Rig For Camera / Gimbal / Light Setups


Proaim Overhead Camera Rig creates a stable overhead shooting platform with a camera & accessories and gives a bird’s eye view of the action. It is a great way to add detail shots and interesting video transitions to just about any editorial or commercial project.

Proaim Overhead 12ft Modular Studio Rig for Camera / Gimbal / Light Setups


The high-quality aluminum rails can be set up at 4, 8, 12' lengths, making it ideal for smaller/larger spaces.
This Rigging system supports cameras, lights, mics and other gear positioned overhead.
The entire system is quick and easy to set up on optional light or C-stands.
The rails easily click into one another and secure onto end spacers.
It has a 24 lb weight capacity when set up at 4' and 11 lb at 12'.
Note: Stands are Not Included.


Three included accessory spacers attach along the length of the rails for mounting your gear.
The end spacers and accessory spacers all provide 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting threads.
The rig is complete with a 3" riser and a ball head that features a quick-release plate. The riser can be screwed into one of the accessory spacers and the ball head onto the riser to position a camera in the desired angle.


This rigging system is quick & easy to assemble / dissemble. It is compact enough to be carried in the back of a van and simple enough to be fully assembled within seconds.




  High-grade Aluminum

Payload with Heavy duty Tripod Stand

  4ft Length: 24 lb / 11 kg
  8ft Length: 20 lb / 9 kg
  12ft Length: 11 lb / 5 kg

Rail Length

  4ft each section

Camera Mounting

  Ball Head: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Screws

Accessory Mounting

  1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads


  6.785kg / 14.95lb

Stand Post Adapter Inner Diameter


Diameter of Rails



Proaim Overhead Camera Rig
6 x Rails (4ft)
3” Riser
Ball Head
3 x Accessory Spacers
2 x End Spacer
2 x Shank
2 x Baby/Junior Stand Post
2 x Extra Track Connector
Bag Packing


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  • Is Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand compatible (SKU: P-BMLS-01) with Proaim Overhead ?

    Yes, Proaim Overhead can be used with Proaim Boom Light Telescopic Stand (SKU: P-BMLS-01) because it has a baby pin to mount overhead on it. However, you need two units of Proaim Boom Light Stands for perfect mounting.

  • Do you have an accessory that will allow me to hang a SmallRig RC120D light from the Overhead 12 Modular Rig ?

    Yes, we have the following  accessories that will allow you to hand a smallrig RC120D Light from the  Overhead 12 modular rig:
    1. Proaim 5/8" Baby Pin with 3/8" Screw P-BAPS-01
    2. Proaim Snaprig Baby Pin Set with 3/8” Male/Female Threads GP201

  • \"I am looking to buy the Overhead 12ft Modular Studio Rig (P-OHLR-01) and am curious how I would attach my camera and a cell phone to the rig. Do you have an accessory that I can buy to attach to the accessory spacers for cell phones?\"

    The accessory spacers in Proaim Overhead 12ft Modular Studio Rig (P-OHLR-01) have mounting threads of 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16. You can mount your phone using any phone mount with similar mounting screws.

  • Is it possible to ceiling mount these rails? Looks like I\'d need to flip the fittings that attach to the legs. Possible?

    Yes, you can mount these overhead rails on the ceiling with the help of track ends (top and bottom mounts) which are included with this product. You will also have to seperately make use of a ceiling mount baby pin.