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Free Fast Shipping to USA (Except Pre-order Products)

Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support

For Filmmakers & Cinematographers | Payload: 200 kg / 441lb

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Pull Off Creative & Powerful Cinematic Shots Without Sacrificing Your Convenience!

Deliver Excellence In Every Shot!

Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support

Your Comfort & Convenience First!

Comes with a Seat + Adjustable footrests for the Operator Comfort.

Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support

Lead Free with Smooth Ride!

Has pneumatic wheels that roll incredibly smoothly & silently with a hefty load of 200kg / 441lb.

Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support

Shoot with Versatility!

Cheese Plate platform + Mitchell mount offer you incredible mounting flexibility

See how the Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Works



  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  up to 200 kg / 441 lb


  Length: 29”
  Width: 20”
  Ground Clearance : 14cm
  Tool‐less: No

Compatible Pole size


Front Wheel Base

  Size: 21”
  Thickness: 2.5”
  Wheel Type: Pneumatic
  Distance between wheels: 78cm

Jockey Wheels   

  Tire Width : 3.1”
  Wheel Type: Pneumatic
  Wheel revolving Lock: Yes


  Minimum height: 47cm
  Maximum height: 77cm


Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support

Product Weight(Without Packing) 

  44kg / 97.00lb

Product Volumetric Weight(With Packing) 

  62.7kg / 138.2lb

In the Box

Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw

User Manual


Steady Movement with Smooth Shots

Take the audience on a ride to your character's world with Proaim Cinebird Rickshaw , which offers smooth and precise camera movement while creating amazing cinematic effects.
It lets you capture walking to running speed shots with 3-axis Camera Gimbal, Handheld, and Steadicam setups.
And it comes in handy when you don't have enough time or space to lay down the traditional track but still need to follow your subject smoothly.
The Rickshaw is cleverly constructed with Solid Aluminum and offers an impressive payload of 200kg/441lb.

Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support


More Comfort & Convenience to You

We aim to provide you with a more effortless, more convenient experience for the utmost comfort.
Thus, Cine Bird offers a comfortable seat that lets you execute shots with ease, avoiding fatigue by operating comfortably from a seated position.
Also, the seated position allows the operator to position the camera to reach floor level for ultra-low shots.
The seat is fully adjustable and rotates 360 degrees; you can also mount it anywhere on the rickshaw platform.
Aside from that, it has two adjustable footrests to relieve strain from the operator's legs and a support bar for your rest, so while not using it, you can keep the Rickshaw on the surface without getting it too low.


Smooth, Quiet Ride Every Time

Cinebird dolly rolls incredibly smooth and silent with reliable and lightweight two front Pneumatic wheels and two rear jockey wheels.
The pneumatic wheels feature three height adjustment points, 5", 6" & 7", allowing the setup to adapt the height according to the rough and bumpy roads.
Also, the rear jockey wheels come with a locking system for greater stability.

Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support
Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support


Versatility at its Best

The Rickshaw's cheese plate platform with Mitchell mounting offers incredible mounting flexibility for compatible gears and additional accessories.
In addition, you can mount Scaffold Pole with Mitchell Mount, which works perfectly with Vibration Isolator Arms & 3-Axis Camera Gimbal and lets you achieve challenging moving shots.
And all these amazing perks outperform other rickshaw in the market, whether it's superior quality, optimum performance, or cost-effectiveness.

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  • What are the dimensions of the Platform plate of the Proaim Cinebird rickshaw?

    The Dimensions of the Platform plate of Proaim Cinebirtd Rickshaw are 29" (l) x 20"(w)

  • Does the cheese plate of the Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support have threads, and if so, what is their size?

    The cheese plate features a combination of 10mm free holes and an 8mm threaded holes.

  • Is it possible to inquire if Balloon wheels are available for the Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support?

    We currently do not offer Balloon wheels  that are compatible with the Cinebird Camera Rickshaw Support.