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Except Pre-order Products

Free Fast Shipping to USA and Canada   

Except Pre-order Products


Action-packed productions start with Cine Gear!

Our Cinema Line Gear offers full-frame creativity,
no matter the size of your production. Our range of
Cinema Line equipment includes specialized jibs, stabilizers,
sliders, dollies, well, everything you need to make your films stand out.
Our solutions are reliable, top-tier, easy to use, and will definitely
save you money on production costs. Experience the magic of cinema
with Proaim Cine Gear today.

Proaim Airwave V530 Arm

Curate the Perfect Action / Chase Sequence!

A Shock-Absorbing Arm with Enhanced Stabilization,
Dampening & Stability.

Proaim Action-King 8” Car Mount

Get Ready to Film Your Next Car Chase Sequence!

With A Car Camera Rigging System That Is Quick, Powerful, and Reliable.

Proaim Spin Dolly

Traditional Doorway Dolly- Reimagined!

Compact Doorway Dolly that Delivers an Enhanced Level of Portability & Functionality Around Set.

Proaim Vanguard Collapsible Cart for C-stands

Ease Your Daily Burden of Lugging C-Stands!

A Collapsible Cart that Holds Your C-Stands in One Place.

Proaim Victor Lite Cart

Get Organized with The Cart That Works Best for You & Your Workflow!

Proaim Soundchief CV4 Channel Cart

Sophisticated Audio Workstation on Wheels!

A Collapsible Cart to Cater to Your Diverse Sound Recording Needs.

Proaim Alphabet 21ft Crane

Give your Production a Cinematic Lift!

With Dramatic Creative Angles, High-Reliability & Maximum Performance.

Proaim Megagrip Car Mount

Unwavering Stability!

Get Secure Car Rigging for Your Camera Setup with This Reliable & Sturdy Gripper.

Proaim Toro Tripod Stand

The Next Generation Tripod!

Tall Enough for Full-Height Shooting & Strong Enough to Hold Heavy Setups.

Proaim Flyking Mitchell Slider

Unlock Precision!

A Slider that Produces Smooth Tracking Moves with Heavy Loads.

Proaim Skateboard Pro

Give Your Dolly a Super Smooth Ride on Both Curved & Straight Tracks!

Flycam Zest Pro w Vista-II Arm Vest

Hail to Future-proof Electronic Stabilizer!

Remarkable Payload & Advanced Design Offering Unbeatable Stabilization
for Variety of Your Cameras.

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