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Free Fast Shipping to USA (Except Pre-order Products)

Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible

For DSLR Video Cameras Camcorders

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US $1,095.00
US $1,095.00 - US $1,095.00
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User-Friendly & Affordable Jib For Indoor/Outdoor Use

High Build Quality. Simple yet Powerful.


Proaim 18ft Camera Jib Arm is designed for videographers and filmmakers who need a lightweight and ultra-portable Crane system.
The Jib has many great features such as a two-arm design, camera mount tilt control, ribbed jib sections & monitor mounting - making it one of the most value for money jib.
It allows capturing smooth, dynamic sweeping pans and camera rise.
High strength Aluminum construction with unbeatable stability holds camera setups up to 8kg / 17.6lb.

Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible
Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible


The Jib has Universal front mounting to adapt Pan Tilt Heads and 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers.
Two Arm Design offers enhanced strength & stability to the entire jib setup.
The Jib comes with a 1/4"-20 hole allowing for Quick LCD monitor attachment.
Camera Mount Tilt Control offers both Auto tilt mode and a Manual tilt mode with a control handle.
Central Fork with thrust roller bearings absorbs shock loads for smooth jerk free jib movements.
Hi-tensile weight closers keep the weight discs intact for perfect balance.


You can adjust the arm length from 12ft to 18ft feet by quickly adding or removing the jib sections.
The ability to change the length allows you to use the Crane in various scenarios.

Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible
Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible


For rigs under 8kg / 17.6lb, there isn't a better crane for the money. Filmmakers often have to sacrifice quality for quantity when building their gear; the Proaim 18ft Jib eliminates that concern by providing an excellent jib solution at an economical price.


This excellent Jib Stand is sturdy enough to support the Crane when it's fully loaded and weighed.
It combines high-quality materials, technological expertise and superior design to provide the ideal support needed to take the perfect shots.
The Jib Stand supports an incredible payload of up to 90kg / 200lb and is highly stable in use.

Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible
Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible


Proaim Sr. Pan tilt offers complete 360-degree pan & tilt inaudible movements while keeping your camera safe and secure. It is engineered to support cameras up to 7.5kg / 16.5lb with ease. Creative flexibility is a built-in feature as the Pan Tilt head can be used with jib crane arms, tripods and in other remote operating situations that dictate increased production value. Incredibly accurate and easily controllable, Proaim Sr. Pan tilt is a user-friendly Controller System.



Two Coreless Motors
Two coreless high torque motors provide inaudible movements along with a payload capacity of 7.5kg / 16.5lb, which is substantially higher than its counterparts.

Brass Gears
The high strength brass gears are engineered to withstand long hours of functions and minimal wear and tear.

Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible
Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible



Speed Controller - Adjusts the speed of pan & tilt based on the requirement of the shot.

Damping Control - Prevents the head from stopping with a jerk enabling you to achieve smooth endings.

Dead Spot - Controls sensitivity of joystick on pan tilt head & prevents unwanted movements.

Pan-Tilt Direction - You can reverse the panning & tilting direction as & when required.



The Complete Crane System fits in bags for easy storage. These compact bags are easy to carry with you to different sets and locations.

Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible



18' JIB


  Jib Arm: High-grade CNC Aluminum
  Cable System: Stainless Steel
  Weight Holder Rod: Mild Steel
  Weight Closures: Mild Steel

Load Capacity

  up to 8kg / 17.6lb


  Self-Balance: 25kg / 55lb
  Camera weight: 1kg (x 4kg Counter weight) + 25kg
                            2.2lb (x 8.8lb Counter weight) + 55lb

Variable Lengths

  18ft, 14ft, 12ft

Jib Length

  Height Range from ground level: 19ft when stand height adjusted at 5ft
  Length from tripod to Camera Mount: 13.6ft
  Total jib arm length: 17ft

Jib Arm

  Shape: Rectangle
  No. of Sections: 5
  Length: 3.5' each
  Jib Section Jointers: Silver Aluminum

Tilt Lock


Pan Lock


Camera Platform

  Camera Mount Plate: Square
  Levelling: By Stress Cable (with Adjustable Steel Hook)
  Camera Platform Tilt: up to 270 degree

Weight Holder Rod

  Length: 355mm
  Diameter: 25mm
  Weight Closures: 2 pieces

LCD Mounting



  15kg / 33lb



  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  7.5 kg / 16.5 lb

Pan & Tilt

  Movement: 360°


  Minimum: 6°/sec
  Maximum: 51°/sec
  Covers 360° at Slowest Speed in : 2 minutes
  Covers 360° at Highest Speed in : 7 seconds


  Two high torque, coreless DC motors that rotate the Head 360° (Pan/Tilt)


  2 Small: ⌀ 13.5mm (Brass)
  2 Large: ⌀ 88mm (Aluminum)


  Minimum Height of Head: 18.5" / 46.99 cm
  Maximum Height of Head: 26" / 66 cm


Axis: 2
Connectors: 2x 4-Pin XLR Male Connectors
Pan/Tilt Direction: Yes
Upgraded with: Damping Knob

AC Adapter input

  AC 100-240V ; Output 12V DC-2A


  Cable Length: 15 meter (Can be extended up to 50 meter)
  Cable Connector: 4-Pin XLR
  Battery Cable: 3 meter Long


Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt | Gimbal Compatible


  Pan/Tilt Head: 3 kg / 6.6 lb
  Joystick: 800 gram / 28.22 oz
  Bag Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 19 cm



  High-grade Mild Steel, Powder-coated

Load Capacity

  up to 90kg / 198lb


  Maximum: 80"
  Minimum: 44"

Collapsible Height


Diameter of Stand Tubes


Base spread

  32"- 48"

Safety Pin



  4.5kg / 10lb


Proaim 18ft Camera Jib Arm (P-18)
Jib Stand (P-JS)
Proaim Sr. Pan Tilt Head with Joystick Box (PT-SR)
LCD Monitor Arm
Proaim Lanc Zoom Controller (P-ZC-3DV)
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Brian M.
United States

Great once you figure it out

Awesome device... though the manual for the Jib with Stand? Not so accurate and could use better pictures not so close so you can see the whole piece being assembled. Each section is marked by a handwritten number on label that you can't read; it appears to have been written by someone foreign who couldn't legibly write English numbers... I had to remove them with a dry erase marker and rewrite them with a permanent marker so I could read them. The manual has you attaching Section 4 to the Central Post... but then you notice the Connecting Bars they show in the manual on Section 4 are not there... They ship assembled on Section 5... which means you have to disassemble Section 4 and Central Post... then remove the connecting bars from Section 5 and put on Section 4, then reassemble Section 4 to the Central Post.... Also, the holes for the bolt that goes through the Central Post have zero play to allow easy assembly... I had to widen the holes slightly by redrilling for easier assembly as the bolt didn't exactly fit. The manual doesn't warn you to not completely tighten any bolt that is tied to the upper arm assembly... If you do, the camera will not be able to stay level as you go up and down with the lock pin in place (which you'll always have the pin in most likely). The unit also came with an extra black rolling pin part with nuts... not sure what to do with that... looks like it could go on the 4th Section's Upright bar to perhaps keep your wires off the jib body... but you'd have to add/remove every time in order to fold the bar down for packing. The manual also shows attaching the LCD mounting arm to a "Central Fork"? not "Post"...; the pics in the manual clearly shows the arm being attached to a totally different Central assembly, not the one you bought... And, attaching the mounting arm to the Central Post that you do have.. is a bit awkward due to the design of the Post and where the holes are located. The Sr. Pan Tilt Head.... Love it... though it was odd they have the 15 meter cable as the primary cable and the 3 meter cable as an extra extension for the 18' setup... Being that you'll use the 12' mostly, I'd rather of had the 3 meter cable as the primary instead of dealing with 15 meters of cable every shoot (rolling it back up is a pain if it gets twisted). Also, when attaching the Pan Tilt Head to the Jib, you can only attach 3 bolts with a wing nut... the wing nut for the bolt closest to the large nut on the vertical upright will not fit under that nut in order for you to spin the wing nut on... I had to use a regular nut on that bolt. All in all, this setup is awesome to use and the results of the shot are well worth these little hiccups during assembly. Also, If you have a crew helping setup I'd advise you to put a mark (with tape) next to all the bolts/holes to be removed for assembly and disassembly so they don't disassemble the entire unit... That would be a nightmare to reassemble.

  • would this product work without having to purchase the pan tilt and 3 axis gimbal?

    Yes, the Proaim 18ft Jib can also work perfectly without the Pan Tilt Head and 3-axis Head. You can accommodate small DSLR/DSLM cameras directly on the camera mount top plate of the Proaim18ft Jib.

  • Could it be controlled by a computer

    The Proaim Pan Tilt Head PT-SR is only controlled by a joystick controller included in it. It will not be controlled by a computer.

  • Can the Sr. Pan Tilt Head be moved by hand if i don\'t want to use the motor?

    Yes, the Proaim Senior Pan tilt head can be moved with hands but before this you have to disengage the motor gear to avoid any damage to the gears.

  • Does the Proaim Lineo Portable Floor dolly SKU-P-PRT-D work with the Proaim 18ft camera crane jib Sr SKU-P-18-JS SRPP?

    The Proaim Lineo Portable Floor dolly P-PRT-D Â is not compatible with the Proaim 18ft Camera Crane Jib, Stand, Sr. Pan-Tilt P-18-JS SRPP. Â <br />The Proaim Swift Dolly SWFT-DL is compatible with this package.