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Proaim 19-15mm Camera Base Plate, ARRI Standard Dovetail Tripod Plate with New Quick Lock

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Proaim 19-15mm Base Plate is lightweight yet heavy-duty platform and comprises of ARRI Standard Dovetail Tripod Plate.
You can easily attach any camera to this versatile base plate such as heavy-duty cameras like the ALEXA or lightweight cameras like the Sony F5.
High Grade Aluminum Construction ensures durable long life service.
Quick Release System allows for quick mounting & dismounting of camera setup.

Proaim 19-15mm Camera Base Plate, ARRI Standard Dovetail Tripod Plate with New Quick Lock
Proaim 19-15mm Camera Base Plate, ARRI Standard Dovetail Tripod Plate with New Quick Lock


The base plate comes with a 19-15mm rod adapter and utilizes 15mm and 19mm rods to mount on accessories such as a matte box or follow focus.
The ARRI standard dovetail mounts directly onto the tripod and works best with heavy-duty tripod heads like O'Connor 2060 , O'Connor2575, O'Connor120ex , Sachtler cine 30.



  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Camera Compatibility


Rod Ports

  15mm and 19mm

Camera Mounting

  1/4"-20 & 3/8”-16 screws

Tripod Mounting

  1/4"-20 & 3/8”-16 threads


  1.36kg (2.99 lb)

Dovetail Tripod Plate Dimension

Proaim 19-15mm Camera Base Plate, ARRI Standard Dovetail Tripod Plate with New Quick Lock


19mm/15mm Camera Base Plate
Dovetail Tripod Plate (ARRI Standard)


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Very Impressed!

I am very impressed with the PROAIM ARRI Standard Dovetail Tripod Plate! It is solidly constructed and slides smoothly without binding. Both the dovetail safety latch and the bridge plate lock are of high quality and I expect they with withstand repeated use for years to come. For those who are looking for something lightweight this is not. I estimate it is as heavy as an actual Arri plate. And just as solid! Well worth the already affordable price!


�Another quality piece of kit from Proaim.

Where to begin. Build quality. I do not know if these guys change their CNC bit every one of these they churn out, but I cannot find a machine mark on it. It's obviously machined, but, you know how you can see machine marks on most machined parts? The only place I could find any evidence of manufacture is where the 19mm rods run through. And they're recessed, so there's nothing rough that will ever touch your rods. It's solid as a brick. With a good chance of success. The anti-oops easily releases, and the locking mechanism is brutally strong. It is metal, folks. 99% metal, anyway. Glides so smooth, you could use it as a mini dolly. Has 15mm tube support, which is critical for the big-lens movie types, as it fully supports standard 15mm lens supports, or if you need a mount for your matte box. Has plenty of slot length on the plate to accommodate darn well near any movie camera I am aware of, and all the way down to mirrorless and DSLR setups. You could even put a point-and-shoot or a GoPro on this if you wanted to let things get out of control. Of course, they include a pair of both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting screws. This is a very well made, heavy-duty piece of gear and it should work with just about anything you can imagine. This is my 2nd piece of ProAim gear, and I'm sure it won't be the last. I highly recommend their beautifully crafted equipment.

  • Can this work with an Alexa mini? I have the dovetail already. Just need a really sturdy baseplate.

    Yes, The Alexa Mini is compatible with the Proaim 19-15mm Camera Base Plate (CH-DTPQ-01) by removing the 15mm rod support adapter.