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Free Fast Shipping to USA (Except Pre-order Products)

Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package

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Original price
US $9,300.00
US $9,300.00 - US $9,300.00
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SKU : P-W9P40-NL


Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package


Designed to be Quick

Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package a perfect filming solution to increase your production value. The Robust camera crane is specifically designed for heavy duty setups and high end productions.
The triangular jib crane with high-intensity aluminum alloy structure fits smoothly & securely with one another providing super rigidity and strength. Precisely designed High Grade Aluminium constructed Boxer 2-axis motorized head is designed for the filming cameras weighing upto 15kg/ 33lbs.
The color coded cables ensures quick installation, a rugged heavy-duty dolly for smooth & dynamic moving shots and rock solid aluminum tripod with spreader for stability. Additional Iris Remote controller system is included for having improved video image quality.

Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package
Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package


Arm Connecting Bars

Each jib crane section fits smoothly and securely into another one. For better protection,
it is fastened by a screw at the top which ensures better safety of your camera crane.
Double security features guarantees its strength and reliability.


Big Heavy Duty Stand

The Heavy duty Jib Stand is constructed to carry heaviest of loads with an ease. The Sturdy base ensures strong connection between the camera crane and tripod stand, extra solid knobs for secure locking .

Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package
Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package


Big Heavy Duty Dolly

The Aluminum constructed Rock Solid camera dolly gets connected to tripod quickly and features a steering for complete control on directions and rugged stopper for keeping the dolly in static position.



Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan Tilt Head

Proaim launches its new Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan Tilt Head is a remote-controlled pan and tilt head designed for use with video and film cameras weighing up to 15kg/ 33lb. It is controlled by the variable speed joystick control box that connects to the gear motors via the included 13m extension cable.
The Robust remote head easily attaches to a jib crane in the upright or hanging position without any tools. The adjustable camera cradle supports horizontal and vertical balancing to achieve zero gravity tilting. The High quality Pan tilt head offers 360-degree panning and tilting ability while keeping your camera safe and secure.

Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package
Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package


Smooth Accurate Proportional controller

The two channel controller is fully proportional and the maximum speed of each axis can be limited by the min/max knobs for the ultra-slow shots.
- Speed & ramp are variable and are easily controlled and adjusted .
- You can control the head easily by yourself after the controller is fixed on the crane.



Travel With Ease & Comfort

This sophisticated production package comes in its storage configuration for easy transportation.

Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package

Camera Crane Specifications

Jib Arm Material

  High Grade Aluminum HE30

Weighing Capacity of Jib


Jib Arm wall Thickness


Camera Crane Length


Jib each Arm length


Crane Pan Lock


Crane Tilt Lock



  Black Powder Coated

Jib Arm Break downs to

  13 Sections of jib arm


Proaim 40ft NILE Camera Crane Package

Big Heavy Duty Stand Specifications

Material Used

  Rock Solid Heavy duty Jib stand (HD-STD) made of solid aluminum is foundation of Jib Crane

Max height

  4ft 8inch

Min height


Made from


Hub Assembly Material

  High Grade aluminum HE30

Hub Assembly Diameter


Hub Mount Thickness


Stand Legs

  Has double locking system (Aluminum knob and Steel Pin Lock system   as well) fully extendable.

Big Heavy Duty Dolly Specifications

Maximum Load capacity

  600kg(1323 lbs.)

Material Used

  High Grade aluminum HE30

Wheels Diameter

  10 inch

Wheels Thickness

  2.45 inch

Central Distance


Height From Ground

  16 inch

Wheel Lock


Joystick Controller Specifications

Joystick Controller


Tyco Connectors

  Male & Female both

Pan Direction


Tilt Direction


Pan Tilt Head Specifications

Pan Tilt Head Material

  High Grade Aluminium

Maximum Camera Package Load Capacity

  15kg (33lbs)

Pan movement

  360 degrees

Tilt movement

  360 degrees

Minimum Speed

  Pan Tilt : 360deg in 2 mint 40 sec

Maximum speed

Pan Tilt : 360deg in 8 sec


  Maxon motor Two high torque, coreless DC motors that rotates (pans)   and tilts the head 360 degrees


  2- Brass Small Gears (Dia- 20mm)
  2- Aluminium Big Gear (Dia-103mm)

Minimum height of head

  18.5 inches

Maximum height of head

   25.5 inches

AC Adapter input

  AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A

Cable Length

  13 meter

Weight of Pan Tilt head

  5.930 kg

Weight of Joystick box

  650grm kg

Weight of controller box650grm kg

  8 kg

In the Box

 Proaim 40ft Wave 9 Jib crane
Big Heavy Duty Jib Stand (HD-STD-B)
Big Heavy Duty Dolly with floor wheels (HDD-B)
Proaim Boxer HD-2X Motorized Pan Tilt Head (P-BXR-HD-2X)
Focus and Iris control
FREE Tool and Tool Pouch/Wrap
Storage & Packing Cases


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  • Hello, is screen includes in the crane packages ?

    The Proaim Camera Crane Packages does not include the monitors or screens.