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Free Fast Shipping to USA and Canada   

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Proaim Advanced Motion Control System for Fusion Slider

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The Best Way to Move!
Advanced Motion Control System to Control Movement of your Slider.
It's Perfectly Smooth and Simple in Operation.

Capture motorized live-motion slides with Proaim’s Advanced Motion Control System specially designed for Proaim Fusion Camera Slider. This versatile & compact system, when attached to the slider, lets you create dynamic video and photography sequences with motorized fluid slides. Its precision motor produces smooth, incremental movements, and works with cameras on loop mode 8kg & for other mode: 25kg. It weighs barely 1.6kg / 3.5lb (motor & controller). Simply attach the motor to the bracket next to the wheel with the gear on it.

Quiet Precision Motor
A quiet precision motor powers this Advanced motion control system; this motor will drive all of the movement controls from the remote. The camera platform crawls smoothly on the track. The single powerful motor provides a silent operation so that you can capture quality video.

Advanced Remote Controller
We created an intuitive controller to control the movement of your slider dolly. By using the knobs on the control unit, you can program a slide with specific functions and modes. You can achieve precise camera movements for interviews, establishing shots, etc. Simply turn them and your slider moves. It's that simple to operate!

Controller Operates in 3 Different Modes:
• Video/Normal Mode: Allows you to create manual video moves from the Controller. The farther you turn from 0-10, the faster it goes (10 being the maximum speed).

• Interval Mode: Allows you to set a specific length, the distance for your move and pause time, below are the details:
a. Length (in mm) – Adjust the total length of camera travel on the slider from 600/900/1200 mm, through Speed/Direction knob.
b. Distance (in mm) – Decide the range of each segment, from 1-300mm, to be covered on the total chosen length, through left Interval knob.
c. Pause (in sec) – Set the time of short breaks, from 1-999 seconds, according to your need while the camera travels on chosen length, through right Interval knob. Numbers of breaks are automatically aligned when both Length & Distance parameters are tuned and are achieved by advanced algorithms programmed within the Controller.

• Loop Mode: Use the looping feature to automatically move your camera back and forth so you can focus on your subject. Adjust the speed from 0 to 10, which goes from end-to-end on the Speed/Direction knob.

- Camera Plate Construction: High-grade Aluminum
- Motor: 30RPM 12V
- Noise level of Motor is: <40dB
- Weight Capacity
4ft on loop mode: 8kg / 18lb
4ft on other mode: 25kg/ 55lb

- Product Weight (without packing): 1.6kg / 3.5lb


- Battery Input Power: 7.2-12V DC
- Adapter Input Power: 100-240V 1A 50/60Hz
- Output Power: 12V 3A
- On/Off Switch: Yes
- Battery Plate: Yes
- Battery Working Hours: 2 hours (Battery is not included)

- Proaim Motion Control System for Fusion Slider
- Remote Controller
- 3 meter wire
- 12v Adapter for Fusion Slider

  • Can I run a cable extension from the remote to power the slider? If so does Pro Aim supply it?

    Yes, You can run a cable extension from the remote to power the slider. By default, we provide a 3-meter control cable with P-MC-FSN. And yes, we can provide a longer length cable up to 50ft (15mtr) on the customer's request.

  • Hi, Can I set a left-right loop that does not end to end, that is, shorter length?

    The Left-Right Loop feature is not availaible in the Proaim Advanced Motion Control System for Fusion Slider.