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Proaim Battery & Charger for Skywalker

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Professional Power Solution

High Quality Lithium Polymer Battery & Intelligent Digital Balance Charger

High Power. Longer Cycle Life. More Safety. Lightweight.

The Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery with 10,000mah power provides seamless operation for a period of 20-25 minutes with payload up to 10kg/22lb. It takes up to 1.5 hours of charging time and can be attached to Proaim Sky-Walker Cable Cam easily for a smoother workflow. This battery offers a longer life cycle, enabling the support of hundreds of projects with a single battery.

Professional Intelligent Digital Balance Charger

It is a rapid charger with a high performance microprocessor and specialized operating software to achieve maximum safety. B6AC Charger features AUTO function that sets the feeding current during the process of charging or discharging. It prevents the overcharging of Battery. It can disconnect the circuit automatically and alarm once detecting any malfunction. It also employs an individual-cell-voltage balancer for balance charging.

Skywalker accessoreies


 Combination method 6SIP
 Combination standard Capacity difference ≤40mAH
Resistance difference ≤0.5m Ω
Voltage difference ≤10mv
 Nominal capacity 10000mAh @ 0.5C Discharge
 Minimum capacity 10050mAh @ 0.5C Discharge
 Nominal Voltage 22.2v
 Standard Charging Current IC CC(constant current)charged to 25.2V, then
CV(constant voltage 25.2v)charge till charge current decline to ≤0.05C at 23°C
 Max. Charging Current 3CC(constant current)charged to25.2V , then
CV(constant voltage 25.2v)charge till charge current decline to ≤ 0.05C at 23°C
 PACK voltage(As of shipment) 22.8-23.4V (cell3.8-3.9V)
 Internal impedance ≤5.0mΩ
 Max. dimensions 66*66*165mm (T*W*H*)
 Pack weight MAX: 1525.0g
 Storage temperature -10°C-45°C

 Model No.  B6AC
 Operating Voltage Range  DC 10-20V (more than 6A)
 AC in: 100-240V 50-60Hz
 Charge Current Rate  0.1-6A
 Discharge Current Rate  0.1-2A
 Weight  531g (Net Weight)
 Dimensions  134*142*36mm

- Proaim Battery & Charger for Sky-Walker Cable Cam System


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