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Free Fast Shipping to USA (Except Pre-order Products)

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals

Speed: 25km/h with full payload of 10kg/22lb

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US $2,326.00
US $2,326.00 - US $2,326.00
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Fly Your Camera Through Difficult Terrains!

Captures The Smooth Dynamic Footage In Places Where Even Drones Can't Go!

We Make Your Camera Gimbal Walk In The Sky!

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals

Offers Wide Coverage

Glides Over the Large Open Spaces like Stadiums, Live Events, Mountains, Rivers, and Captures Smooth Cinematic Shots.

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals

Designed with Precision

Well-Engineered Equipment with Intelligent Speed & Position Sensing - calibrates as per your needs and offers Complete Safety.

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals

Highly Compatible

Adapts Any Camera Gimbal Setup; DJI Ronin/M/MX, Freefly Mövi & other gimbal heads, weighing up to 10kg / 22lb with a maximum speed of 25 km/hr.

See how the Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam Works


Cable Cam System

Controller Distance

  450 meter

Target Distance


Auto Loop


Input Voltage




Nominal Current

  91A (Max)

Controller voltage


Nominal Current


Tx/Rx Power


Maximum Speed

  40km/h (without payload)
  25km/h (with full payload(10kg)

Minimum Speed

0.83 meter /sec or 3km/hr in loop mode

Max Climb Capability


Cablecam Weight

  7.30kg / 16lb

Cable (Dyneema) Rope




  100 Meter

Cable Rope Weight  


Product Packing

Complete Product Weight Without Packing - 29.77Kg / 65.63lb
Complete Product Weight With Packing (Gross Weight) - 60Kg / 132lb

Product Packing

Chain Puller
100mtr Steel Safety Cable
Stand with 100mtr Dyneema Rope
Chain Pulley
Climbing Hooks
Flight case


Professional Design

Proaim bringing you Skywalker; a point-to-point cable-cam system that is self-powered, easy & quick to set up, and operates quickly.
It is professional film-making equipment that allows shooting in open space by the remote-controlled cable-drive system.
It is a Perfect Cablecam solution for the filmmakers, which is available at a very efficient price.

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals
Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals


High-Level Performance

All parts are made of CNC machined Aluminum with utmost precision and care, which offers 10kg/22lb of payload.
The Sky-Walker Cable Cam System provides a maximum speed of 40 km/hr without payload & 25km/hr with maximum payload and covers a long 450-meter range.
The combination of a 24V brushed DC motor with an efficient Motor Driver offers the highest level of performance.
Its highly sophisticated wireless remote-control system guarantees accurate operation and a long battery-life experience.
The onboard battery power lets you work smoothly for 20-25 minutes with a payload of up to 10kg/22lb, and it is easily detachable without disturbing the workflow.


Smooth Operations

Set the targeted distance as required at any cable point, and the cable cam will follow it perfectly.
This mechanism allows you to control framing and offers movement all by yourself, resulting in a smooth ending.
It has Safety & Damping feature to secure your gear & control even the slightest shakiness.
Along with this, the Sky-Walker’s automatic loop can ‘ping-pong’ back & forth continuously at the required speed.
The Automatic Loop System lets you be creative without the stress of crashing shots.

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals
Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals


Well-Engineered Motor System

The 24V brushed DC motor has enough torque to drive the camera rig without needing a gearbox that delivers silent footage.
It is the first synchronous regenerative motor driver in its class, allowing very fast stops and reverses.
And it is robust enough to supply a peak current of max 91A.
It has an overcurrent & thermal protection features which means your driver will never get damaged by accidental stalls or by hooking up a big motor.
The high-precision encoder motor works with gear that is mounted on the End wheel to ensure accurate control of movements.
It helps determine speed, position, distance, and acceleration, so every movement is perfectly smooth.


Sturdy Drive Wheel

Aluminum-made U-Groove wheel with polyurethane coating ensures better gripping, enhances the drive with cable force, and prevents slipping of cable.
The PU-coated wheel offers great resistance to any kind of wear & tear and improves operation reliability.

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals
Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals


Balance Bar with Ronin Mounting Plate

The Rod support bar provides physical balance to set up and a fast interface for DJI Ronin Gimbal.
Quick Release plate allows Gimbal operators to switch from cablecam to handheld stabilizer within seconds.
From unpacking and rigging to shooting takes less than 15 minutes; this saves a lot of time and energy for your work


Hi-Strength Rope System

Hi-Strength Rope System The Dyneema Rope/Cable is 9mm thick, 100 meters long, and has high upholding strength.
Anchor it on large trees, strong scaffolds, light poles, or other firmly fixed objects which can withstand pulling tension of cable connection.
Now, hang the Sky-walker with Gimbal head, and you're ready to roll.

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals
Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals


Workable Zone

The recommended Operating Zone of cable is approx. 84 meter.
It is strongly recommended not to use corners within 3 meters from both sides.
And at high speed, it takes a 5-meter length for momentum to stop itself.
While selecting target distance lock points, it is suggested to consider speed & precautious zones.


Advanced Remote Control System

The radio control system controls the movements of the Cablecam. It works on a 2.4 GHz powerful radio frequency band and transmits a very clear signal to the receiver Antenna.
The remote-control system guarantees a long-range, jamming-free transmission and long battery-life experience.

Turn it On -
While turning on the remote every time, all throttle switches A, B, C, and D; must be at #1.
Left Stick -
It gives Direction & Speed to the cablecam. Move the stick left/right for direction and up/down for speed.
Right Stick -
It is used to Set Target Distance & Automatic Loop Modes.
Target Distance (Manual mode) -
Set Start and Stop points anywhere on the cable by point A (move downwards) & point B (move upwards). After entering the target distance, the remote locks on it and follows it perfectly. Once you leave the stick in the neutral position, it will stop right there.
Automatic Loop Mode -
Select target distance by points A & B. Shift the throttle switch labeled SwC at position #3. Set the Speed with Left Stick and forget it! It will move and capture shots automatically for you.

Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals
Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System for Camera Gimbals


Travel Friendly

Proaim Sky-Walker is light and compact. Fold it and stash it right into your Flight Case when you're on the move.
And it comes with a complete sturdy carrying solution.

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  • If we use Proaim Sky-Walker in outdoor, what about wind, are there some limits to wind speed?

    Yes, you can surely use the skywalker outdoors when there is normal wind.
    The sky-walker itself weighs 7-8kg, now lets say your camera setup (inclusive of gimbal) weighs 5kg then your total skywalker weight including battery will be approx 15kg so in normal wind this total system will not be affected.
    However, if there is high wind speed and the setup starts shaking, then the performance of this skywalker may be affected.

  • Can you please suggest a mount to Ronin RS 3 ?

    You will have to use the Proaim Pro Quick Release Plate (P-QRG-01) to make it compatible with Ronin RS3.

  • Does the battery last for 2hrs If it ran continuously?

    If the Proaim Sky-walker Cablecam will work in continuity, it will last for 20-25 minutes as we provide 10000MAH battery.

  • Is the RS3 Pro compatible with the Proaim Sky-Walker Pro?

    To utilize the RS3 Pro with the Proaim Sky-Walker Pro, users will need the Proaim Quick Release Plate P-QRG.
    Here is the link for the same --

  • Can I use my own receiver and transmitter with the Sky-Walker (model is a Spektrum DX5 Transmitter and a SR6100AT receiver)

    We don't have Spektrum DX5 Transmitter and SR6100AT receiver so we can't check its compatibility with Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System(P-SWCC-10).

  • Would you generally recommend using a safety cable with Proaim Sky-Walker?

    Yes, we do recommend using a safety cable with Proaim Sky-Walker and that is why we provide 100 meters Steel Safety cable with the product.

  • Do I need to buy the battery separately?

    Yes, you have to purchase the battery and charger saperately for the Proaim Sky-walker Cable cam.
    Link for Battery and charger for Skywalker:

  • I have a Ronin RS-2 gimbal for the camera. What accessories do I need to connect it to the Cablecam?

    The accessory that you will need to mount the Ronin RS-2 gimbal on the Sky-Walker Cable Cam system is Proaim Quick Release plate for hand-held Gimbals (P-QRG)
    Link for P-QRG:

  • Can I fly over people with this system (for example at concerts) or is the system not suitable for this?

    Yes, Proaim Sky-Walker is totally safe to fly over the audience during concerts.

  • What's the fastest speed it can travel?

    Maximum Speed:
    40km/h (without payload)
    25km/h (with full payload(10kg))

  • What's the cable made up of?

    The cable used in cablecam is High-Strength Dyneema Rope/Cable.

  • If 100 lm is the cable in the box, what can be tested the longest cable for device?

    The cablecam is tested with maximum 500m range.

  • If 40km/s is the max speed for full payload, mean it that for lower kg camera speed can be higher?

    The maximum tested speed of the cablecam is 40Km/h (without payload). It varies according to the weight you use with the cablecam.

  • What kind of cable have you shown for safety?

    We have used the PVC Coated wire rope as a safety rope.